Our Mission




E.D.I.F.Y will invest time and resources into today’s youth and build a
groundwork for their future, Participants will experience arts
and culture, develop technical skills, learn the power of language
and music, as well as the need for collaboration.
Music is an important tool in shaping and impacting lives in a positive
way. Through the ages, people have used music an inspiration for
many of their life challenges and goals. Music is the universal
language and through this program participants will be taught how to
develop their talent with integrity and excellence.
Participants will develop skills in the areas of:
Song Writing
Developing an Idea
The Art of Listening
Recording Software
Marketing Self
Stage Presentation/Performances
And Gain:
Life Skills
Self Esteem
A Sense of Community
Future Career Goals/Skills
Music Appreciation
Public Speaking
Friends/Peer Mentors
The importance of inspiring youth to reach beyond the stars, that
the sky isn’t the limit, is a motto program facilitators at E.D.I.F.Y live
by. We will work hard to bring out the natural gifts of participants and
to inspire them to discover the greatness inside of them. In turn,
they will learn how to inspire others as they learn and grow in their
Latest News
Awaken the Greatness
  1. New Studio is ready!
    New Studio is ready!
    05 OCT
    The new Recording Facility at Edify Studios is up, running, and ready to produce your next song.
  2. Coffee & Dessert
    Coffee & Dessert
    27 OCT
    Join us at this Awesome event as we share our New Facility (classroom and Recording Studio) and hear what the youth have been up, the Past year. Coffee & Dessert is a great way for us to connect with our supporters and partners, and gain new ones. Please Join us and bring a friend or family member for a Free Dessert and Coffee.
​An educational mentorship, E.D.I.F.Y will develop and inspire youth to explore their gifts in life through a music lens. Participants will learn to express themselves and their life circumstances through songwriting, recording and performing, ultimately giving them the tools they
need to achieve their full potential. This project is an opportunity to make a significant impact on our country’s most valuable resource –
our youth.

It is an opportunity to recognize the talents of marginalized
teenagers and harness their gifts into unrealized potential.
The prevalence of suicide and feelings of hopelessness
amongst many of our youth has been the impetus for the creation of this program. Fresh IE has been mentoring youth for years in communities across Canada and understands the importance of instilling a sense of hope for the future, having performed and spoken to over 250 000.

He has seen many youth change the direction of
their lives and E.D.I.F.Y will now continue this work, by accepting 64 participants annually into the program.
E.D.I.F.Y is a unique oneofakind mentorship using music as a tool for connection with youth. It targets teenagers, including those from some of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods and troubled life circumstances.

An internationally recognized and accomplished Artist will
mentor marginalized teenagers who have a thirst for music, a desire to move beyond their life circumstances and a need for a mentor. Through mentorship and life coaching participants will develop the practical tools to awaken the greatness within them.

Fresh IE (Rob Wilson has been a professional in the music industry for more than a decade, making Canadian history by being the first Rap Artist in Canada nominated for a Grammy Award. He has been honoured with 11 International Film Festival Awards for his antidrug
video “Crystal and has been nominated for an excess of 80
Featured Video
Our Students are also learning alot about making muic videos with our Video Teacher Skyler Roulette. Check out our monthly featured video, and make sure to share.
The first Album from the Music Mentorship Collective



The 2nd Album from the Music Mentorship Collective